What if we experience all the saddness and happiness of life?

Review of the famous film, Catch me if you can.

In fact, I should have written the passage one year ago…

Knowing the film was about a year ago when I learnt the chapters of English book. Before, I just know it was about someone who impersonate other people of other filds. Nothing really appealed to me before. But actually it evoked my thinking of life.

Life was always not easy. When facing the challenge, Frank’s approach was really impressed. He was trying to impersonate others, from pilot to lawyer, to make himself continue his smooth life though later it proved to be a failure. He was eventually caught by Hanratty, the FBI police.

However, Frank did experience all the happiness and saddness of his life even if he was finally caught. When personating other sorts of life, Frank did his best to live up to the standard of the job and he made it. Almost nobody knows his true life; Frank was just making anyone live their own life. The acquaintance of Brenda was expected as he tried to live his lie but the later experience was really a surprise to him but it was pitiful because of his fraud… But he did make a lot of fun meanwhile.

Impersonating seemed interesting. It make us experience the life that didn’t belong to us. The question is what if we experience all the saddness and happiness of life. If we succeed in doing so or, like Frank cheating in his life and making himself experience all of life at an early age, would we still need more time to achieve other goals? Was he satisfied? Maybe everyone would give different answer of their own. In my opinnion, we should try to face the challenge by fulfill the value of our life. (Perhaps like the ending of the film, Frank finally became a consultant to FBI. )

The film emphasized the saying: "Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse, wouldn’t quit. He strcuggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out. Gentlemen, as of this moment, I am that second mouse." Life is full of challenges but I think not everyone adopt the same approach. And we can avoid falling into that bucket of cream. 😛

Ok, I am not trying to expose the whole plot of the film; it’s a film worth seeing.

Forgive my poor English… 🙂

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Compared with GNOME 3, KDE 4.6 lacks better PIM software to organize my life. Though Kontact is good, it’s not enough.

Calendar widget in Plasma should make better use of the resource of Kontact so it can display the arrangements of the day. Read through eventlist or other daily related widget is not as good as the present good calendar.

But I found it comfortable to use both GNOME and KDE; they’re both good software teams. 🙂

Post via Blogilo; it’s a useful tool to post blog entries…

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First Post here

Trying to start an English blog. It’s not easy for me though.
Found that the KDE is really cool! Thinking whether I can create some small stuff for KDE but now I have to use it to get all things related to Java done.
Happy coding…

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